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Experience safe and reliable school transport facilities for your child's daily commute. Our dedicated team ensures comfortable journeys, adhering to strict safety protocols. Rest assured, your child's well-being is our top priority. Focus on what matters while we take care of their transportation needs.


Transportation Guidelines for Students and Parents at Sudharsanam Vidyaashram:

1. Safety First: The safety of our students is our utmost priority. Parents are requested to ensure that their children are punctual at the designated pick-up points and that they follow all safety guidelines while using the school transport.

 2. Timely Arrival: Students should be ready at the designated pick-up points at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Buses will not wait for latecomers to maintain timely routes. 

 3. Identification: Each student will be provided with a unique identification card that they must carry while using the school transport. This will help the bus staff in ensuring that the right student boards the correct bus.

4. Discipline and Respect: Students are expected to maintain discipline and respect the driver, conductor, and fellow passengers during the journey. Any misconduct will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.

5. Bus Routes: Parents and students will be provided with detailed bus routes and timings. Any changes to the routes will be communicated in advance.

6. Communication: Parents are encouraged to maintain open communication with the school transport department for any queries or concerns related to transportation.

7. Emergency Contact: Parents should provide the school with accurate and up-to-date emergency contact information, ensuring that they can be reached if needed. 

8. Leaving the Bus: Students should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting off. They should maintain a safe distance from the bus until it has moved away.

 9. Attendance: The school will maintain attendance records for students using the school transport. In case a student is absent or will not be using the transport on a particular day, parents should inform the school transport department in advance.

10. Personal Belongings: Students are responsible for their belongings while using the school transport. The school will not be held liable for any lost or damaged items. 

11. Health and Hygiene: Students should maintain proper hygiene, wear a face mask, and follow all COVID-19 safety protocols while using the school transport.

 12. Feedback: Parents and students are encouraged to provide feedback on the school transport facilities, helping us to continually improve our services.

 By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure a safe and pleasant transportation experience for all students at Sudharsanam Vidyaashram. Together, let’s make their journey to and from school a comfortable and enjoyable one.

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