Building Dreams, Shaping Futures

The School is situated at a vantage point @Poonamallee - Avadi Main Road and is easily accessible from all corners of the city. The Class rooms are eco friendly, with appropriate ventilation, constructed as per CBSE Norms, spacious, aesthetically designed and are provided with economically designed furniture to make the learning experience fun for students. All the class rooms are provided with storage space, display boards, interactive smart boards, enabling teachers to use modern teaching methodology for imparting education.

Creativity Boards shall be provided in the aisles, and walk areas to enable students to nurture, motivate and showcase their ever growing creative talents in writing, poetry, science and arts & crafts.


Ergonomically designed, fully air-conditioned, and networked classrooms are supported with high-tech equipment, including a smart board, projector, desktop with Internet facilities, and a 5.1 surround audio system.

At SV, a conscious effort has been made to usher in the benefits of modern technology directly to the students. To break the monotony of traditional teaching, it is the forerunner in conceptualizing smart classrooms.

Smart Class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting their day-to-day classroom challenges and enhance students’ academic performance with simple, practical, and meaningful use of technology.

Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity

Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.

Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.

Improves the academic performance of students

Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class

The curriculum unfolds from kindergarten to class XII, covering subjects from mathematics, science, English, social studies, physics, chemistry, biology, history, civics, geography, commerce, entrepreneurship, and sociology. The basket of options for various topics may include a range of multimedia animations with voiceover, an assortment of classroom activities and ideas, and a remote assessment package linked to selected topics.

Results and evaluations of performance have doubtless proved the efficacy and indispensability of the concept. Smart, interactive digital classrooms are the nucleus of our school education.


Sudharsanam Vidyaashram  school believes that Playing stimulates the child’s brain to develop various motor skills like writing, jumping, walking, detailed handwork, planning, and making good decisions.

School playground provides better physical health to children, the more they are exposed to outdoor play activities. If interesting and more equipment is introduced in the school playground, students will be lured to use the equipment.

Outdoor physical activities improve muscle strength, alertness, motor skills, and strategic behaviour. Playgrounds provide children with an environment where they can engage in unstructured play. This enables them to use their imagination, which flows on to help the development of their emotional, social, and creative thinking skills, which are critical for performance in the classroom as well. Using their imagination and “free play”, children can build self-confidence—an essential life skill and one that may be harder to harness in a classroom environment. With “free play”, children may come across a physical obstacle that might frighten them at first, but by seeing other kids tackling these physical obstacles and the enjoyment on their faces, each child experiments with their own approach. This example highlights how important playgrounds are for self-confidence development. Classrooms can create a mental barrier for some children as they feel they may not be able to harness self-confidence in a more formal setting. Playgrounds offer the perfect middle-ground for children to experiment with their self-confidence and reduces any pressure they may feel in a classroom setting.

“Food may be essential as fuel for the body. But Good food is fuel for the soul”

School Canteen is a favourite place of all the students. The school canteen not only provides food to the students but also wonderful memories .The canteen in our school provides students, teachers and other staff with delicious food and drink in hygienic conditions. Instead of buying things from roadside sellers, it is safe to eat canteen food. Roadside food can spoil our health. We are lucky to have such a good canteen in our school.  Food is served fresh and clean. In our canteen we have fresh fruits. Food is tastier than ever before. Special utensils are used to store food. The variety of food has increased. Most importantly, it is available at many affordable rates for the students. Our school canteen is run by a staff who are well trained and dedicated. In our canteen we have tasty foods and healthy refreshments for the students and the teachers.

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