Sudharsanam Vidyaashram is their third Initiative to cater the needs of the youngest minds with multi sense learning capabilities. The school follows CBSE stream of education and the admission process for Standards from Pre-KG to IX & XI Standard has commenced for the Academic Year 2019 – 2020

The English lab is designed with advanced learning materials to provide the child with real life contexts. It enriches the students in English vocabulary and pronunciation. Audio visual materials are graded with meticulous planning according to standard of the students for effective implementation.

The Laboratory of Physics imparts the physical basics of engineering science by means of meaningful experimental setups that provide valid quantitative measurement results.

The laboratory of Biology provide students with various opportunities to learn and experiment, which plays a crucial role in the ongoing intellectual development of students at any academic level. Labs give students the time, space, and resources to explore and experiment.

Robotics labs are designed to be interactive and engaging, which helps students learn in a way that is both fun and educational. By working with robots, students are able to learn about robotics concepts such as sensors, motors, and programming in a way that is easy to understand and engaging.

Learning by doing forms the basis for all activities in the lab. In a lab atmosphere children individually or in small groups perform experiments with appropriate materials and maintain the record sheets. The math lab activities are being conducted under the guidance of well trained faculties.

The laboratory of Chemistry has all the necessary equipment for preparation of samples and standards for various analyses of liquid and solid samples.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for any one to function without the knowledge of computers. The lab is specially designed to educate the children with the latest technology. Students can get any information with their tender touch.


Experiential & Experimental learning is encouraged to motivate and make students to nurture their individual talent and skill in all the above laboratories.