*** REGISTRATIONS OPEN – Academic Year 2020 – 21 for Pre KG – IX/XI *** New Year Day on 01 Jan 2020 School Reopens after Christmas on 02 Jan 2020 Just A Minute Competition-(III-V)JAM on 03 Jan 2020 Class X and XII Grand Test 1 Starts from 06 Jan 2020 Experiment With Ice Cubes For KG on 07 Jan 2020 Kite Making Day (KG and I-V) on 10 Jan 2020 National Youth Day on 11 Jan 2020 Pongal Vacation Starts from 13 Jan 2020 School Reopens After Pongal Vacation on 20 Jan 2020 Floating and Sinking Experiment With Fruits and Vegetables For KG on 22 Jan 2020 Calligraphy (I-V) on 23 Jan 2020 Post Mid Term Test Revision for IX and above/Calligraphy-(VI and above) on 24 Jan 2020 4th Saturday;Working Day for VI and above on 25 Jan 2020 Grand Test 2 For Classes X and XII Starts from 27 Jan 2020


We are pleased to admit the children as per the following guidelines provided by the board for the academic year 2020 – 2021

The age and admission norms are based on CBSE guidelines. The academic session begins in April/June. The applications are issued in the School office. The office works from 9am to 5pm on all working days.

New Admission

Class Date of Birth on or Before
Pre KG 31/MAR/2018
LKG 31/MAR/2017
UKG 31/MAR/2016
I STD 31/MAR/2015
II STD 31/MAR/2014
III STD 31/MAR/2013
IV STD 31/MAR/2012
V STD 31/MAR/2011
VI STD 31/MAR/2010
VII STD 31/MAR/2009
VIII STD 31/MAR/2008
IX STD 31/MAR/2007
X STD 31/MAR/2006
XI STD 31/MAR/2005
XII STD 31/MAR/2004

Irrespective of caste, colour or creed and of course, based on the date of birth, admissions will be made. Parents can contact our school office in this regard for further details.

Application Procedure:

Parents can collect the application forms by paying Rs.500/- in cash from our school office.
Fill up all relevant details and submit the filled in application form along with all required documents; Based on the criteria by the board i.e. Birth certificate etc. Allotment will be made according to the availability of seats.