Extracts From Thirukkural – Competition For LKG & UKG/Thumb Painting For(I-V) on 01 Nov 2019 Tamil Elocution (Class VI and above)/Hindi Elocution(Class VI and above) on 02 Nov 2019 Stamping With Vegetables LKG-UKG/Leaf Embossing For Pre KG on 06 Nov 2019 Fun With Science For KG/Tamil Elocution(Class III-V)/World Science Day For Peace And Development on 08 Nov 2019 International Week of Science and Peace on 09 Nov 2019 National Education Day on 10 Nov 2019 Beading Competition For KG on 11 Nov 2019 Children’s Day-Treasure Hunt(LKG-UKG) on 14 Nov 2019 Quiz(VI and above) on 16 Nov 2019 National Integration Day on 18 Nov 2019 Seed Germination Day(Basis of Life) For KG on 19 Nov 2019 Annual Day Selections And Release of Practice Schedule on 20 Nov 2019 Memory Game:LKG-UKG/Drawing Competition I-V on 22 Nov 2019 Finalisation of Annual Day Participants List on 25 Nov 2019 Vana Mahotsav/Green Day For KG on 27 Nov 2019 Just A Minute Competition – (VI and above) JAM/I & II Freedom Fighters on 29 Nov 2019 Drawing Competition VI and above/Essay Writing For VI-VIII and Elocution for IX-X and XI-XII As Separate Categories on 30 Nov 2019