Vinayaka Chathurthi on 02 Sep 2019 Teachers Day on 05 Sep 2019 Spellathon (I-V) on 06 Sep 2019 Muharram on 10 Sep 2019 Making Of Ganesha For LKG & UKG on 11 Sep 2019 Grand Parents Day – KG on 12 Sep 2019 Swachatha Mission-(I-VIII)/Hindi Diwas on 13 Sep 2019 International Day For The Preservation of the Ozone Layer on 15 Sep 2019 Red Colour Day For KG / Object Collection as Part of Swachatha Mission on 18 Sep 2019 Cycle Test 2 for KG & Std I & II/Mid TermTest for III and above Starts from 19 Sep 2019 Mahalaya Amavasaya on 28 Sep 2019 World Habitat Day/Dandiya Making Act. For LKG & UKG on 30 Sep 2019

The School is situated at a vantage point @Poonamallee - Avadi Road and is easily accessible from all corners of the city. The Class rooms are eco friendly, with appropriate ventilation, constructed as per CBSE Norms, spacious, aesthetically designed and are provided with economically designed furniture to make the learning experience fun for students. All the class rooms are provided with storage space, display boards, interactive smart boards, enabling teachers to use modern teaching methodology for imparting education.

Creativity Boards shall be provided in the aisles, and walk areas to enable students to nurture, motivate and showcase their ever growing creative talents in writing, poetry, science arts and crafts


The following Labs are well equipped with suitable hardware and software,housed within the school premises to address the multi sense intelligence levels of learning by doing.


The English lab is designed with advanced learning materials to provide the child with real life contexts. It enriches the students in English vocabulary and pronunciation. Audio visual materials are graded with meticulous planning according to standard of the students for effective implementation.

English Lab



Learning by doing forms the basis for all activities in the lab. In a lab atmosphere children individually or in small groups perform experiments with appropriate materials and maintain the record sheets. The math lab activities are being conducted under the guidance of well trained faculties.


To encourage the development of practical skills among the students by way of observation and experiment we have made our science lab student friendly to provide necessary impetus beyond class room.

English Lab



It is becoming increasingly difficult for any one to function without the knowledge of computers. The lab is specially designed to educate the children with the latest technology. Students can get any information with their tender touch.

Experiential & Experimental learning is encouraged to motivate and make students to nurture their individual talent and skill in all the above laboratories.


  • One period in a week is allotted for physical training
  • Initial training and opportunity for ample practice are provided in a wide range of sports in a world class Tennis Court, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Badminton, court besides other track events.

English Lab


Compulsory Yoga for all with graded approach according to the age and experience of the student based on exercises and postures.



Specialized and also regular Karate classes with expert coaches are available to build up defense skills and martial arts skills.



Classical Music is available for both boys and girls with additional professional training for high achievers.



A spacious, pleasant and wonderful digital library is available with plethora of reading resources.




A fully functional Music and Dance room provides opportunity for learning the basics of music and dance. Folk dance and classical forms are taught by experienced 'Gurus' and lead to stage performances for many School events. inter school competitions and other outside school events.


The School building which is standing majestically on the main road has been specially designed stylishly and has an international look. It is a huge building in a sprawling campus. The classrooms are well ventilated to provide cordial atmosphere for learning. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board to give immersive experience for the students.

English Lab



This facility is available for KG children till 4.00pm. They enjoy a siesta at daycare.


Healthy and tasty food and refreshments are available for students and teachers in hygienically maintained canteen.

English Lab



The school operates a fleet of well-maintained school buses with sophisticated safety and security equipment installed. All the buses are installed with GPS tracking system with route tracking and automated SMS facility. The buses ply the predefined routes and stage-wise communication is sent, in advance, to the parents with scheduled timing. Application for availing transport facility is available in the school office.