Gandhi Jayanthi on 02 Oct 2021 Indian Air Force Day on 8 Oct 2021 World Mental Health Day on 10 Oct 2021 National Girl Child Day on 11 Oct 2021 Ayudha Pooja on 14 Oct 2021 Vijaya Dasami on 15 Oct 2021 World Students Day on 15 Oct 2021 Global Hand washing Day on 16 Oct 2021 World Food Day on 16 Oct 2021 Milad Ud Nabi on 19 Oct 2021 National Unity Day on 31 Oct 2021

The word "School" comes from the Greek word for leisure. School is the place where students play, communicate, learn, practice and improve their attitude, knowledge, skills and blossom as a flower; a place where a future generation can be prepared to meet the physical, emotional and life challenges. Schools are not meant to turnout human beings as mechanical, technological instruments - though jobs and careers are necessary, but also enable them to flower as human beings, without fear, without confusion, with great integrity" Inspired by these thoughts we have started our institution to ignite our Young minds to blossom on their own in their life journey.

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